Bangladesh: A Lethal Religious Divide

A Muslim-majority country, Hindus account for only 9% of Bangladesh’s population. Since gaining independence from Pakistan in the 1970s, the percentage of Hindus in Bangladesh has been constantly shrinking as more Hindus gradually migrate to India. Hindu community leaders have estimated the Hindu population in Bangladesh to have declined from 30% in 1947 to less than 9% now. Read for more on the deadly impact of the deepening religious divide in Bangladesh. 

Misinformation within the Indian COVID-19 pandemic: April to June 2021

COVID-19 has hit India hard. In fact, official deaths attributable to the infectious disease is 452,485 – a figure universally recognised as vastly underestimating total number of deaths. For more, read the full article to find out how the deadly second wave, lasting much of April and June 2021 was further complicated by the hard to untangle problems of misinformation and vaccine hesitancy.