Policy Research Competition 2020 – Winning Essays

Winner: Desmond Chia

Essay Question: The global pandemic has not only shed light on the various inequalities present within economic, political, and social frameworks in developing countries but also deepened them. A major disruption to our lives is the shift to online learning. How has COVID-19 exacerbated inequality within education? What are some solutions crucial stakeholders can take to address this issue?

First Runner-up: Andreas Hernandez

Essay Question: Choose a developing nation. Comment on how it can reduce emissions and bring about sustainability without compromising economic growth and expansion in the post-pandemic world?

Second Runner-up: Amadea Hoffman 

Essay Question: Choose a region. Comment on its polarization and political divisions.

Third Runner-up: Shrishti Khetan

Essay Question: In 2009, Hillary Clinton called India “not just a regional power, but a global power”. Discuss whether this opinion still holds today for India’s economy.

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