Policy Research Competition – 2020/21

In the academic year 2020-21, London School of Economics and Political Science Developing Markets Society launched a policy research competition.  The competition encouraged students to explore developing economies and think critically about the issues that they are currently facing.

We received more than 100 Submissions. We’ve featured the winning essays.

Policy Research Competition 2020 – Winning Essays

Winner: Desmond Chia

Essay Question: The global pandemic has not only shed light on the various inequalities present within economic, political, and social frameworks in developing countries but also deepened them. A major disruption to our lives is the shift to online learning. How has COVID-19 exacerbated inequality within education? What are some solutions crucial stakeholders can take to address this issue?

First Runner-up: Andreas Hernandez

Essay Question: Choose a developing nation. Comment on how it can reduce emissions and bring about sustainability without compromising economic growth and expansion in the post-pandemic world?

Second Runner-up: Amadea Hoffman 

Essay Question: Choose a region. Comment on its polarization and political divisions.

Third Runner-up: Shrishti Khetan

Essay Question: In 2009, Hillary Clinton called India “not just a regional power, but a global power”. Discuss whether this opinion still holds today for India’s economy.

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